MITC East Bay

         2192 e. 14TH sTREET          SAN LEANDRO, CA 94577

MITC East Bay is an adult day program that serves as an alternative program for individuals who require innovative and non traditional programming due to their uniquely challenging needs. MITC East Bay offers a rich curriculum that helps individuals draw real-life connections.

Program consists of seven (7) modules namely:

 -Training in the Development of Replacements Behavior and Strategies

 -Transportation Access and Mobility Training

 -Pre-Vocational Training

-Training in Community Integration Skills

 -Training in Decision-Making and Self-Advocacy

 -Communication and Social Skills Training

 -Recreational and Leisure Training

MITC program has a behavioral component, which will address the specific needs of the

consumers by utilizing a person-centered approach in the development of the Individual Program

Plan (IPP).

MITC will retain the services of a mental health professionals and behavioral health specialists, OTR, program/educational and other

consultants as needed to effectively implement its program.

MITC is an organization that recognizes the value of continuous staff development that

provides ample opportunities for staff personal and professional growth. We believe that a

knowledgeable, well-informed and trained staff will contribute greatly to the attainment of our

goals to be a leader in this field and be on the cutting edge of education.